2019 Legislative Session

Our communities are stronger when everyone can afford a safe and healthy home. Children are more able to reach their full potential. Veterans are able to return home from service. Seniors can retire and live with dignity. And local businesses are supported when their workers can provide for their families with the wages they are being paid.

Homeword is a member of the Montana Housing Coalition which is supporting two bills during this legislative session in an effort to strengthen communities across the state.

1. House Bill 16 would use revolving loan funds from the coal trust to homes that Montanans, including Veterans, can afford. Status: Passed the House on February 6. Next, the Senate will review it. Read and follow this Bill.

2. Senate Bill 18 would create a workforce tax credit for homes Montana workers can afford. Status: In Committee. Read and follow this Bill.


How You Can Help

Contact your representatives and ask them to support this bill so that more Montanans can afford to live in safe and healthy homes. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Thank you!

Join us during the lunch hour for Housing Day in the Rotunda on Tuesday, February 12. We will be visiting with Legislators about the importance of every Montanan being able to afford to live in a safe and healthy home.