About Us

Our Mission

Homeword uses sustainable methods to provide safe, healthy homes people can afford and strengthens community through housing counseling and education for those in need.

Historically the demand for homes Montanans can afford to rent or buy has exceeded the supply. Wages in the state are low while the cost of living remains high. In the current housing market of low supply and high demand, renters and homeowners alike find themselves especially challenged by high home costs.

Homeword recognizes these very real problems and seeks to address them with ecologically sound and socially responsible solutions. It all begins with our core belief—the simple notion that we cannot build for the future by destroying the environment today. We provide high-quality, sustainably-built homes that our residents are proud to live in and that the community as a whole is proud to support.

We also teach financial literacy and renter workshops, as well as provide homebuyer education and counseling, as the first steps towards self-empowerment and self-sufficiency. This holistic approach continues to prove successful for us, our communities, and, most importantly, for those in need.

Our History

Homeword began in 1994 in response to the growing need for homes Montanans can afford. We are regionally and nationally recognized for our programming and development of sustainable homes.

Since 1994, we’ve developed or renovated 883 beautiful, innovative homes for more than 1,450 Montanans, including 551 children, at 25 properties in 11 communities around the state. Since 1997, our walk-in Regional HomeOwnership Center has served over 13,000 people.

Our clients are as diverse as our state. We empower Montanans of all ages, including working Montanans, seniors on fixed incomes, people with disabilities, domestic violence survivors, Veterans and parents of many precious children. We work statewide and are committed to bringing our holistic approach to homes Montanans can afford ro rent or buy.

Notable Awards

  • USGBC Montana Innovative Project, Residential, Multi-Family Award: Sweetgrass Commons
  • United Way of Missoula County Gold Standard Award (2017, 2016)
  • City of Missoula/Missoula in Motion Transportation Best Practices Award (2016, 2015, 2013, 2005)
  • Missoula Job Service Executive Committee Employer of Choice (2014)
  • Sonoran Institute Building from the Best of the Northern Rockies Award (2007)
  • Montana State Extension Office EcoStar Award (2006)
  • Orton Family Foundation Inaugural PLACEMATTERS Innovator in Place Award (2006)
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Best Practices Award (1998)
  • Missoula Historic Preservation Award (1998)