Our Staff

Heather McMilin
Project Development Director

Project Development Director, Heather McMilin - This position directs all aspects of the organization’s home development activities based on strategic plans; manages all development, construction, and project management activities including site selection, acquisition, design, financing, city and neighborhood review, construction, expenditures; develops and monitors project costs and budgets; and lease-up or sale, and owner relations; and manages project managment staff. The Project Development Director plays a support role to the Executive Director on all key development issues and collaborates extensively with Finance Director and Executive Director to ensure that projects meet targets and goals. This position oversees the Project Managers.

After graduating with a Master of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Montana State University, Heather moved to Missoula in 1998 where she worked with several different architectural firms and deepened her understanding of the need for more sustainable building practices in construction and development. Since joining the Homeword team early 2003, Heather has received extensive training and experience in the development of homes people can afford and gained additional expertise in sustainable design.