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Celebrating Homeownership Month

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Sonja at home with her cat, Molly, and dog, Buddy.

Sonja at home with her cat, Molly, and dog, Buddy.

June is National Homeownership Month and we are celebrating the success of many who have achieved the dream of homeownership after attending our Get Ready for Homeownership Class.

We believe that access to good quality, affordable housing is a right, not a privilege. A home provides a solid foundation to build a brighter future – whether you rent or own your home. The opportunity for homeownership is a dream for many Americans and it’s often one of the largest investments we will make in our lifetime. Homeword can help by providing first time homebuyer education and housing counseling.

Class graduate, Sonja, said, “I like owning my own place and being able to make any changes that I want to such as remodeling, painting and landscaping without having to answer to anyone but myself. Homeownership has changed my life in that I feel I have reached my ultimate financial goal of owning my own home.  In addition, I now have 2 cats and a dog that I wasn't able to have while renting and I thoroughly enjoy my pets. The class opened my eyes to what it really means to own a home.  The class was very informative explaining all aspects of homeownership from credit reports to debt ratios, realtors to inspectors.  To this day I highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to buy a home.”

Thank you for being a part of this important journey that people like Sonja come to Homeword for guidance embark on!

I like to think of us as the wind at their back. While we’re here to help, teach, coach and support, it’s the person who graduates from our class and puts their knowledge into practice who makes their dream a reality.

Andrea Davis
Executive Director

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