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Celebrating HomeOwnership Month

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Celebrating HomeOwnership Month

Listening to Ann Quirk share her homebuying story during our annual Donor Appreciation Luncheon on June 16, we were struck by how much pride she had in accomplishing her dream of homeownership and how she intentionally upgraded her home using sustainable materials.

June is National Homeownership Month. We are celebrating the success of many people like Ann who have achieved their dream of homeownership. We believe that everyone deserves access to good quality, affordable housing. Use of sustainable materials and methods is also something we greatly value, because it impacts the world around us. Whether you rent or own, your home provides a solid foundation to build a brighter future, from building assets to having a safe place to live and spend time with friends and family.

Ann said of her experience with our Get Ready for HomeOwnership class, “My story of becoming a homeowner is a pretty unique one. I actually started out in this very room, presenting to the first time homebuyers before I became a homeowner myself.

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