Homeword is committed to providing safe, healthy affordable homes using sustainable methods and promoting strong communities through housing counseling and education for those most in need.

Building Community

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Building Community

Thanks to you, we are in the stride of our 21st year and growing as an organization. I want to take this opportunity to share with you about the impact we are having together throughout Montana as well as our strategy, financing and vision. Your support contributes to the overall strength of Homeword and, ultimately, the health of Montana families. Since 1994, we’ve developed nearly 700 units of affordable housing that are home to thousands of Montanans and served over 11,000 people through our HomeOwnership Center programs. Both of these have incredible ripple effects throughout our state. The investments we make today will not only build essential housing with sustainable methods, but will also teach people skills that will help make their way of life one that can be sustained well into the future. This is how we create sustainable communities.


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