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Who lives in affordable housing?

  • posted by Jessica Burson
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Who lives in affordable housing?

People often ask, “Who lives at your affordable housing properties?” It’s an excellent question and one we’re happy to answer.

It’s pretty simple - community members live there. Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters. Grandparents. They are part of our communities just as you are. Our housing is home to a variety of people. Many work jobs that pay low to moderate wages, such as teachers, nurses, law enforcement, retail workers and bus drivers. Others are retired, veterans or have disabilities and are living on fixed incomes such as Social Security, which is often $1,200 per month or less. About 1/3 of the residents who live at our properties in Missoula are children. For all of these people, safe and healthy housing that they can afford provides a platform for the other areas of their lives.

Residents of our properties enjoy having their friends and family over for dinner. They celebrate special occasions together in the community rooms. They walk their service animals around the property and use the bike and walking trails to get around.They grow tomatoes and strawberries, go to school, volunteer for local causes and help their kids with homework. They value community and are active and integrated into the areas where they live.

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