Homeword uses sustainable methods to provide safe, healthy homes people can afford and strengthens community through housing counseling and education for those in need.

Building Healthy Places, Hearts and Minds

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Building Healthy Places, Hearts and Minds

Thank you for helping us strengthen Montana Communities over the past 25 years! Our journey began with women and families expressing their need for homes they could afford, built to live lightly on the earth. And for empowering those living with lower wages, some while raising children, all with the goal of obtaining a good life.  

We started as a program in Missoula with one staff person. Now we are a statewide organization with 12 dedicated team members and a $1 million operating budget. You’ve helped us create more than 1,100 homes in 11 communities where 2,000 people, including 622 children, sleep each night. You’ve also helped empower 15,500 people through homebuyer education and financial skill building. Wow! And thank you!

Our 25-year timeline shows our strategies have changed, yet the importance of empowering our neighbors has not. The pressure on our neighbors and demand for our work continues to grow. Thanks to you, we’ve been at the table, helping lead the conversation to find solutions that strengthen our communities. You help us undertake innovative projects and programs that build healthy places, hearts and minds.

Homeword persistently elevates the conversation about the challenges created by high costs of living and the benefits of people being able to afford their homes. This is an unprecedented time of recognition that the ability to afford a home and other costs of living is essential to the health and stability of our communities.

That said, collectively we all have much to do to ensure policymakers and those with financial influence embrace policies and initiatives that create equitable opportunities for all.

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