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Missoula Property Management Information

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Missoula Property Management Information


You may have read or heard about this article in Wednesday's Missoulian newspaper: http://bit.ly/2bKhZXS

I want you to know that Homeword remains steadfast in its commitment to provide Montanans with safe, healthy, affordable housing.

We own several affordable housing properties in Missoula, which Tamarack manages. Under the terms of the management contract, Tamarack is responsible for ensuring resident compliance with the lease, inclusive of collecting rents, late fees and other assessed charges in a timely manner.

We take these concerns of our residents very seriously. We have been working closely with Tamarack to ensure that each resident who received a notice from the Tamarack office this week clearly understands the reason for the communication.

Through discussions over the past month, we determined that additional staffing was needed in Tamarack’s Missoula office. On August 17, we implemented a plan to increase the number of qualified staff Tamarack has available in Missoula to manage Homeword’s properties and work with residents to address their needs, ensure compliance with their lease and ensure overall satisfaction. Homeword contracts with Tamarack for property management services because they are qualified to manage affordable housing properties.

Certain actions must take place when managing properties, such as issuing late-payment notices in accordance with Montana law. Homeword and Tamarack both recognize that these notices can cause stress for those receiving them, especially in situations where an error is made. The Tamarack staff is committed to working with residents to ensure that they understand these violations are easily remedied, either through prompt payment of outstanding balances or correcting erroneous balances.

Customer service is a priority for both organizations as is respectful communication between Tamarack and the residents. Homeword and Tamarack are actively working together to determine the communication protocols that will be implemented going forward. A team of management personnel from Homeword and Tamarack has been assembled to address these issues.

These broader preventative actions will be taken to respond to this situation promptly, comprehensively and in the best interests of its residents:

1. Increase the staff capacity at Tamarack’s Missoula office in order to better serve residents with things such as adjusting established office hours and providing receptionist services.

2. Establish a fair and consistent communication protocol for Tamarack to use when ensuring resident needs are being met and helping them successfully comply with their leases.

Tamarack has managed in the Missoula area under the oversight of its Billings office since 1995. They are also in the process of establishing a local Regional Property Manager to better oversee day-to-day operations of their Western portfolio.

We are committed to ensuring good management is in place and we believe that with our continued support, Tamarack will achieve success. Although we recognize the need for written communication to resolve some issues between the landlord and resident, we are deeply sorry for any distress these recent communications or other actions have caused our residents. We are committed to providing our residents with safe, affordable housing and to ensuring residents and the local Tamarack staff communicate with each other respectfully.

We value our relationship with you and wanted to be sure you received this information from us firsthand. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Andrea Davis

andrea@homeword.org or 406.532.4663 ext. 18