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This Might Not Work

  • posted by Kellie Battaglia
Chris Chapman Photography

I subscribe to Seth Godin's Blog and his post "Out on a limb" made me think, as many of his blogs do.  He ponders, "this may not work".  It doesn't really matter what the this is.  We all muse over this thought and waiver, swaying before we jump, stride, or fall into something.  This concept may not work, this idea may not work, this tactic, this performance, this trip, this approach. However, if we never make the decision to execute the idea, never try out our concept, we never know.

Finding inspiration in life is easy, there are so many great ideas and so much beauty.  But turning inspiration into a replicable thing, a concrete concept--that is more challenging.  Envisioning every person with a safe and decent place to live is commendable, but working towards making that vision a reality, development by development, is brave, decisive, and risky.  Envisioning sustainably constructed, beautiful housing for the working class is notable, but converting an old bowling alley site into 69 units of affordable, safe, housing is going out on a limb. Of course, your limb can be slight and brittle or sturdy, time-tested, and inspected.  With each new development, new construction project, and person positively affected by Homeword program's our limb grows in strength and stability.

The idea here is to "lean forward" to quote my dad.  It is what I recommend to my five year old when skiing. When feeling unsure, lean forward and bring your idea out into the world.

photo credit: Chris Chapman Photography