Homeword Map

Sustainable Practices

Our goal is to always stay on the cutting edge of green building. From straw bales to Low-E windows, super insulation, stressed-skin panels and extremely efficient heating systems, we demonstrate new ways to build in Montana. Sustainable development that incorporates input from the community through the charrette process is a common-sense approach to affordable housing.

Affordable Housing

We build all our developments with our residents in mind. By making our projects energy and resource efficient, they stay affordable for the long term. And by paying attention to aesthetics in our designs, we promote self-respect and empowerment for our residents by giving them a beautiful place to live.

Mixed Use

Homeword seeks to utilize land wisely. We have developed mixed-use property, combining residential and commercial spaces to complement the urban fabric of the communities where we work. We offer commercial space at three of our properties: Lenox Flats, Acme, and Solstice. Our Solstice development is LEED certified and has 34 units, our Regional HomeOwnership Center, and Homeword’s Missoula offices.

Public Art

Public art is an integral part of Homeword’s approach to housing development. By asking the community to select local or regional artists to create public installments, we not only support the local arts community, but also demonstrate how incorporating art within the design of housing fosters a rich and vibrant urban fabric.

Equal Housing Opportunity

Homeword is firmly committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation in its properties, programs and services, classes, activities, and materials. Please call (406) 532-4663 x10 to request accommodation or to obtain materials in an alternate format, or dial 711 (TTY) for Montana Relay.